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An online platform that brings together the triad of teacher, parent, and student in order to create an organic ecosystem to maximise the student's learning and growth. Running successfully since 2015 across multiple cities.

Blockchain Solutions

Award winning Blockchain solutions for a variety of domains that offer a way for states and organisations to migrate to the robust architecture of Blockchain.


With an experience of conducting state-level Hackathons to extract optimum solutions from participants and experts, Bueno offers end-to-end assistance to states and organisations to conduct tailor-made Hackathons.


Integrated Ecosystem

An integrated ecosystem that offers a coherent way of collaboration between teachers, parents, and the student, on a single platform. Power of communication is leveraged for the ensure pupil's organic learning and growth.

One-Stop Solution

A one-stop solution for teachers to conduct everything from online attendance to updating notifications on online notice board to providing student feedback to parents. We seek to smoothen a teacher's daily duties to enable her to focus more on the pupils.

Innovative Content

Providing easy-to-grasp content with focus on leveraging and developing the student's intuition as well as nourishing the mind with additional necessary educational concepts.

Identity Management

With the concerns in data privacy and security, Blockchain offers a robust solution for identity management as well as secure data exchange between multiple parties..

e-Health Records

Bueno Technologies boasts of an award winning e-Health records solution that has successfully conducted pilot at state-level.

Land Records

Offering a comprehensive solution to completely onboard a state's land record transactions onto Blockchain that would provide immutable land records with significant elimination of possible disputes.

State Level Hackathons

Bueno Technologies offers complete assistance to any state or organisation to conduct Hackathons in any domain.

Blockchain & Mobile Apps

With an experience of conducting statewide Blockchain Hackathons as well as innovative mobile App Hackathons.

End-to-end Solution

Right from creating Problem Statements to organising events to marketing, Bueno is your one-stop solution for Hackathons.

Our Team

Seemant Independent Advisor

A Finance Leader with 9+ years of professional experience in Banking,E Commerce, Finance & Retail Operations,Team Member/Leadership Development & Project Management across Collections. Seemant is an Alumnus of IIM Lucknow.

Gaurav Somwanshi Independent Advisor

Gaurav has over 4 years experience in diverse sectors from technology to social sector to consulting. He is a fellow at Royal Academy of Engineering, UK. He has worked extensively in domains of identity management, and Blockchain technology.

Manish Verma Independent Advisor

Manish has more than 7 years of experience in Finance and IT sector. He has worked for strategy & financial performance improvement project in India, UK, Middle East and European countries. Manish is alumnus from IIM Lucknow and NIT Raipur.

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